Are you feeling out of step with the game you love? Confused by Corsi? Frustrated by Fenwick?  Tired of being left out of the advanced stats party? Relax, my friends, for The War Room is only too happy to shed a much needed light on the blue line lingo that has been keeping you from [...]

  • Hockey This Morning Diary – Week of Oct. 12-17, 2014

    Welcome to another look and listen back at the week that was on “Hockey This Morning” with Mike Ross and Mick Kern.  We call it the HTM Diary. On Wednesday, we spoke to Red Wings Exec. VP & GM Ken Holland.  We asked him about the dynamics involved in his day-to-day working relationship with head [...]


    It was short yet eventful life for Scorch, a native of Glens Falls, New York. The mascot of the Adirondack Flames of the American Hockey League has been stamped out, extinguished, doused, choose your favourite adjective. Scorch ran afoul of the Sensitive Police last week during an introductory video skit involving the young whippersnapper mascot [...]

  • Why the Fuss in Florida?

    So, the Florida Panthers had an announced crowd of 7311 on Monday night when they faced the Ottawa Senators.  So what?  Should we be hitting a panic button for the franchise? Nope.  It’s already been done.  Attendance issues and lousy teams have dogged this team for years and that won’t change until they start to [...]

  • HTM Diary – Week of October 6, 2014

    Guests this week included Columbus Blue Jackets forward Nick Foligno who commented on Ryan Johansen signing a new 3-year deal with the Jackets: We also spoke to newly named Buffalo Sabres captain Brian Gionta on Wednesday and he spoke about his previous captaincy of the Montreal Canadiens and just how unique an opportunity that was: [...]


    6th ANNUAL WAR ROOM NON-PREDICTION PREDICTION SHOW for 2014-15 NHL SEASON It’s time once again to drop the puck on another National Hockey League season, which means it’s time once again to drop the hammer on another War Room Non-Prediction Prediction Show. Who, in their right mind, seriously makes predictions in October about the Stanley [...]


    As we get ready to open the phones (1-877-645-6696) and Twitter (@expomick) for the 6th Annual Edition of the War Room Non-Prediction Prediction Show, let’s journey back to last year, and see what all you fine fans predicted would happen in the 2013-14 NHL Season…   5th Annual War Room Non-Prediction Prediction Show Once again, The War [...]

  • Where in the World are our NHLers?

    For years we’ve been told that hockey is more of a world game than it’s ever been.  More and more European players are drafted.  Heck, the game has even spread in the U.S.  Kids born and raised in California are making the league.  Names like Brown, Noesen and Jones are proof of it. And with [...]


    THE WAR ROOM – Season 9 TOPIC:  NHL Building Blocks The assignment is simple, yet there are a myriad of ways to go about it.  Choosing from the current pool of National Hockey League players, select two in which to build your mythical franchise around. One has to be a goaltender, while the other has [...]

  • HTM Diary – Week of September 22-26 Guests included: Kurt Overhardt, agent for Columbus Blue Jacket restricted free agent Ryan Johansen. Given how public the Blue Jackets have been with some details of the negotiations, we asked Overhardt if/when a deal does get done with the Columbus, how easy or difficult will it be to [...]